Tokyo Street Style walks to the beat of its own drum

I am fascinated and excited by Tokyo’s street style. The avant-guard, individualism where the line between fashion and art is indistinguishable has me captivated.  This expressive approach to fashion where they are not dictated to by trends sets them apart from the rest of the world. 

There is no specific look going on, instead there’s an eclectic mix of styles making it endlessly interesting.  Whether it’s punk, cartoonish oversized, exaggerated, the aim is to be expressive and make a statement.  Their anything goes approach means they do it their way without inhibitions and without judgement.

Whether they’re trying to turn heads or test out cool and original aesthetic ideas, Tokyo’s experimental and edgy style of street fashion sends a message to the rest of the world which I applaud.  It’s fun, self confident and unapologetic, exactly how fashion should be.

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