Why now is a great time to support independent British brands

The passed 3 months have certainly been uncertain times for many businesses. The rate at which measures were implemented to reduce the spread of COVID – 19 meant that shops had to close quickly, manufacturing and distribution was disrupted or even stopped and new product launches delayed.

Go Green or Go Home

We all know that eating and drinking green stuff is good for us. and it’s been proven that when we surround ourselves with greenery, ie walking through a forest, sitting in the garden or filling our homes with house plants we feel more calm and relaxed.  But what about wearing it? Green, although a beautiful colour (and my mum’s favourite by the way) is one that leaves people wondering how to wear it.

Tokyo Street Style walks to the beat of its own drum

I am fascinated and excited by Tokyo’s street style. The avant-guard, individualism where the line between fashion and art is indistinguishable has me captivated.  This expressive approach to fashion where they are not dictated to by trends sets them apart from the rest of the world. 

It’s time to rock the colour block

Monochrome has long been fashion’s favourite colour pairing, but now a new world of bold combinations has opened up. Whether you call it two-tone, bi-colour, colour blocking or duo-toned the trend is back and this time mixing bold, bright and sometimes clashing colours in no longer a no no. 

Happy Accidents


Sometimes things don’t go to plan, that’s life right? Through chance meetings, experimentation, improvisation, mistakes, unexpected results or what I like to call happy accidents can occur.  From Viagra to Velcro, Post-it notes to the Popsicle, it turns out that many well know inventions were designed by accident.

Start with the Why?

When chatting to an acquaintance recently about creating interest around my business they suggested I watch the TED talk ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ given by Simon Sinek. At this point I’ll come clean and admit that I’ve attempted to watch several TED talks and have never sat through a whole one. 

If it’s good enough for HRH….

…it’s good enough for me.

The westerly winds that regularly sweep over my fair isle meant that on exiting the salon after a Christmas hair do, my blow out was blown out.  Trying to protect my tresses with an oversized bag on my shoulder and umbrella in the other hand was struggle.  By the time I reached the car my hair was unsalvageable.

Get it off your chest

I’ve always steered clear of slogan t-shirts.  Whether they’re making a political statement or saying something light-hearted, they’ve never been my cup of tea.  That’s not to say I dislike them, I’m ambivalent to them.  On the one hand I think they can be rather brash and full of self importance, on the other hand I admire their rebellious spirit and when worn in the right place marvel at the impact they can have.

Are You A Quitter?

It’s ok if this seems too easy, it’s meant to be, at least to begin with.  Congratulate yourself when you’ve completed your daily task and then do the same tomorrow.  The key is perseverance because apparently habits take 60 days to fully form, no one said this would be easy. When it feels more natural and is becoming part of your routine, add to it. Try something harder and make sure you keep trying.

The 10 Ways Coco Chanel Rewrote the Fashion Rule Book

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