Who is russell russell?

Russell Russell is an Isle of Man based label designed by Sally Russell, creating leather goods which have been handcrafted by a small team of highly skilled leatherworkers in England.


Effortless style

this is sally russell

My preference for a more paired back, uncomplicated look began when I spent a year in France at the age of 20. I admired the way French women made style look effortless by opting for classic staples usually in a simple colour palette, chose good tailoring, occasionally added an element of surprise to their outfit and always had a confident attitude.

I also learnt that French women will carefully consider a purchase and base their decision on how it will fit in with the rest of their wardrobe and how often they will use it. This is the way it should be and is something I wish to encourage.

My Promise

My mission is to create timeless, leather accessories for people of any age who are self-assured in their style choices. I want my products to bring joy into your life, I hope they make you feel happier, motivated and more confident and I hope you use them time and time again.

The Isle of Man

Shrouded by mystery, a sea-bound kingdom with its own captivating story to tell. With a rich history, that echoes through the ages. A melting pot of character and taste, where true heroes exist and sea monsters bask in the shallows. Landscapes carved from pure imagination and magical vistas of the Seven Kingdoms. A world of tangled trees and twisty trails. A place where legends are Manx made.

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