It’s time to rock the colour block

Monochrome has long been fashion’s favourite colour pairing, but now a new world of bold combinations has opened up. Whether you call it two-tone, bi-colour, colour blocking or duo-toned the trend is back and this time mixing bold, bright and sometimes clashing colours in no longer a no no. 

In the 1960’s, fashion was inspired by the Pop Art movement and so bold colours and prints were everywhere.  Colour blocking was the height of fashion, who can forget YSL’s iconic Piet Mondrian inspired dress?

Rules don’t really exist when it comes to mastering this trend.  You only have to look at the street style at New York Fashion Week which was littered with colour blocking to be inspired.

It’s not only on the runway, but it can be seen in our homes and in beauty too.  Wherever it’s used it creates a more edgy and unique look.

It’s perfectly understandable to go straight for the classic, neutral tones in your wardrobe, they are, afterall an indispensable staple.  But next time you reach for the safe option, I encourage you to consider adding something more bodacious.

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