If it’s good enough for HRH….

…it’s good enough for me.

The westerly winds that regularly sweep over my fair isle meant that on exiting the salon after a Christmas hair do, my blow out was blown out.  Trying to protect my tresses with an oversized bag on my shoulder and umbrella in the other hand was struggle.  By the time I reached the car my hair was unsalvageable.

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Get it off your chest

I’ve always steered clear of slogan t-shirts.  Whether they’re making a political statement or saying something light-hearted, they’ve never been my cup of tea.  That’s not to say I dislike them, I’m ambivalent to them.  On the one hand I think they can be rather brash and full of self importance, on the other hand I admire their rebellious spirit and when worn in the right place marvel at the impact they can have.

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Are You A Quitter?

It’s ok if this seems too easy, it’s meant to be, at least to begin with.  Congratulate yourself when you’ve completed your daily task and then do the same tomorrow.  The key is perseverance because apparently habits take 60 days to fully form, no one said this would be easy. When it feels more natural and is becoming part of your routine, add to it. Try something harder and make sure you keep trying.

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Do You Travel in Style?

My affection for airports began at an early age.  In the early 1980’s, the departure lounge at Manchester Airport, housed four, majestic, Venetian, hand blown

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What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Being in the rather difficult position of having to choose a name for my business recently got me wondering how other

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