Designed with you in mind

Our mission is to make timeless, leather accessories for people of any age who are self-assured in their style choices.

Designed with a minimal aesthetic in mind

These bags are soft and unstructured with no base and no hardware creating a simple and visually beautiful silhouette. In this case less is definitely more. The two internal slip pockets are the perfect way to separate items if you wish and no matter which size you opt for the bag itself is roomy enough for everything else. Practical and beautiful, now that’s a win win.

Designed with versatility in mind

When you love something you want to be able to use it all the time so that’s why this bag has been designed to go to the gym, go to the office, go to dinner with you.  They can be worn in the crook of your elbow, over your shoulder, in your hand or folded into a clutch. We think they are perfect for any occasion.

Designed with durability in mind

We are trying to make a stand against mindless consumerism and encourage you to think about your patterns of spending. We think our bags are a thing of beauty which have been skillfully crafted using quality materials so they will last and last. We only want you to buy one if you’ve given it your full consideration. Do you truly love it? Will you use it again and again?

Designed with your happiness in mind

Our motivation is to design products we think you will love. We want our products to bring joy into your life. We hope that our original designs will make you feel happier, more motivated and more confident.

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I promise not to bombard you with irrelevant and boring emails. I promise to only get in touch when I have something I want to show off about. I promise it will be something cool and original, something to make you happy, something that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. And if, in the end you decide to stop the emails, you’ll be able to easily and there’ll be no hard feelings, I promise you that too.